Using this site

Reading about the promise is one thing; claiming it is another. To claim it, we have to do some work and make space to pay attention, turn from old habits to new ones, change the way we think, choose etc. But it is worth it. We can begin to see the benefits of change at once and those benefits accumulate, moment by moment, day by day. We experience abundance as soon as we begin to focus on what it is, why it matters and how to go about creating it.

Exploring this material
This site contains eight sections, each building on those before it. Each section contains a story, prayers and affirmations. The material is designed to be used in different contexts, and can be reproduced for any non-commercial purpose.

Following this “core material,” are suggestions for exploring and using it in three ways:

Path 1. Personal Development.

The question is: Do you want to be healed? Do you believe that God wants you to enjoy abundance?

Path 2. Group Development.

The question is: Do you want others to share in the abundance you have received?

Path 3. Renewing the Church

The question is: Do you want the Church to become a place of abundance for all?

Offer model prayers and suggestions for praying our way through this.

designed to “feed” Christians, especially those in leadership roles, through their personal reflection, Bible study and prayer, so that they are encouraged and equipped for the work they do or the role they fulfil. Although the book is designed for personal use, it contains a lot of material (creative writing, questions, meditations etc.) which could be used or adapted for group work or corporate worship.