Summary 5: The Prospect of a Feast

The Prospect of a Feast

  • The prospect of a feast. The absence of abundance. Do we have enough? Feeding the child. Reimagining Sabbath. Feast of life.
  • The meal and the feast. Exploring the feast.  
  • Feeding stories. Feeding and feasting. Feeding the multitude. Feeding 5,000. Feeding 4,000.
  • What happened next.
  • Why this story is important.

Living Bread

  • How does Jesus feed us? Bread of life. Bread for today. Bread for the journey.
  • Why we find it hard to believe. Hungry people. Why we starve ourselves.
  • How we learn from Jesus. What we learn from Jesus.
  • The way of Jesus. Learning to imagine abundance for ourselves and take action toward making it real.
  • How we learn to ask. How we learn not to ask.
  • Recognising our hunger. Learning how we are fed.   The downside of dependence. Fall. Clearing the table. Learning to feed ourselves. Sleeping with bread.
  • Learning to feed together. What do I have in my hands? What do we have in our hands? The importance of enough. The benefits of abundance. Enough to begin.

The Feast of the Kingdom

  • The feast of the kingdom. The meaning of abundance. Abundance for all we are. For every part of ourselves.
  • Visions of abundant life. Exploring abundance.
  • The gift of abundance. Paying attention to the gift. Gift and blessing. Celebrating abundance.
  • Honey as abundance. Exploring honey as an image of abundance.

The Fragment and the Whole

  • The fragment and the whole. The generous God. The Way of Jesus. The Eucharistic Process. Undermining the process.
  • The feast to which I am invited. The invitation offered. The grateful guest. Celebrating abundance.
  • Abundance in place of want. Eucharistic people.

The Feast to Which All Are Invited

  • Imagining abundance for others. The feast to which ALL are invited.
  • Learning to give bread. Abundance for all. The invitation refused.
  • Leaders who point to abundance. The task of spiritual leaders.
  • The hunger of shepherds.   The shape of our powerlessness. Empty hands. How many loaves do we have? Bread in our hands.
  • Feeding the flock. Bread for the journey. Lead us to life. Leave no one behind.
  • Sharing the feast.

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